2015 volvo s60 transmission problems

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2015 volvo s60 transmission problems

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Did you get a great deal? Meet your fellow owners in our Owners Clubs. August edited August in Volvo. Hi, I purchased a I now have 10k miles on it, and already had a major transmission failure trying to pull into traffic a month ago in Rochester, NY for a family members funeral.

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Dealer fixed, said they'd never seen the computer log a total transmission failure and initially thought I had the ebrake on! No comment. Fast forward a few weeks, and my second long trip with this car and I'm backing out of a parking space, back up camera is on, and then I look down as the engine is reving and it slipped into neutral.

2015 Volvo S60 Review

Since then hard shifting, lag when pressing on the gas, second time into the dealer in CT and they are saying this is a known issue with this transmission! Now, forgive me, I'm a previous owner of a XC90 that had all the transmissions issues. Volvo assured me all that was resolved, but here we go again! Signed, Single mom from CT. August I have seen videos of this issue on YouTube. Have you contacted Volvo Customer Service? You may need a factory technician to look at this car.See the Back button — blue bar at the very top of the page — to explore more.

Add your complaint? Get free help with your lemon! Started experiencing high oil usage with no visible leaks, about 1 quart in miles.

It seems from research and some Volvo service bulletins this is reoccurring issue. Volvo will only does some repairs as a good will basis even through this is a serial defect.

Service the 36K was by the dealer and all other service per manufacture recommendations and vehicle scheduled service protocols. Add Complaint. While driving, computer screens all went black and engine shut down. If it had happened 1 mile prior, would have been going on a curvy two lane road and would have resulted in serious injury or death.

Towed to dealer awaiting results. The engine compartment was destroyed by a fire. The car was parked and unoccupied when a doorman noticed the problem and called the fire department. Sffd extinguished the fire. The contact owns a Volvo S While the vehicle was stopped at a traffic light, it stalled without warning. The contact was unable to restart the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to Subaru of melbourne located at w new haven ave, West melbourne, flto be diagnosed.

The contact was informed that the starter needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred. The manufacturer was not contacted. The approximate failure mileage was 49, The car has about 1, miles and was picked up at the end of August,leased as new.

My wife was stopped at a traffic light, on a relatively flat road. When she took her foot off the brake and put it on the accelerator, the car turned off completely. The dash turned off. She then was able to put it back into drive and continue. This is not how this is supposed to function. This represents a very serious problem that could result in someone getting rear-ended or not being able to accelerate from a stop in an emergency situation--imagine if an ambulance, firetruck or police car was coming through and you had to move through an intersection or to the side of the road but the car died?All vehicle manufacturers are required by U.

This is a Technical Journal: If the Volvo logo on the center of the steering wheel is peeling off or corroded, the logo itself can now be replaced no need to replace the whole airbag unit. If oil leakage is suspected from the steering gear, make sure it is oil leakage and not contamination which can appear as leakagean inspection needs to be performed.

This is a Technical Journal: Unusual noise while driving from sealing ring. This is a Technical Journal: When sensitive information, like vehicle speed, brake usage, etc. Concerned vehicles are equipped with 16" and This is a Technical Journal: Oil in cooling system. New cleaning method developed.

This is a Technical Journal: Damaged throttle body due to showroom device. To protect the throttle housing when using Volvo Car Showmode kit in the specified cars, always remove the connector from the throttle housing see picture This is a quality bulletin.

Parts Return O-Ring. This is a Technical Journal: A whining or rattling sound may appear when revving up the engine. Volvo has determined that certain vehicles equipped with a model year? This is a Technical Journal: rough shift at N to D or down coast from 5 to 4 then follow service.

Install parts kit. This is a Technical Journal: In cases that the customer may experience hard or jerky shifts when shifting from gear position N-D, please follow advice under service.

This is a Technical Journal: Swapping control modules from vehicle to vehicle for diagnostics should be avoided.

2015 volvo s60 transmission problems

Effective immediately, all 12V batteries may be tested using the hand held battery tester BT The VIDA test is still available but no longer required.Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead. These charts provide the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers. Based on information received from our latest subscriber survey, our reliability history charts give you a rundown on how used vehicles are holding up in 17 potential trouble spots, ranging from the engine, transmission, and brakes to power equipment and the electrical system.

Learn more about car Reliability.

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The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey of Volvo S60 owners. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks.

All programming had to be redone following the accident ,e. Againnot a problem before the accident". Took it to dealership. They reset and checked oil. No oil needed. Driving home same indicator light came on again. Returned to dealer. They gave me a courtesy car and had to work on the car for a week.

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They checked and replaced several components. Had the car for 3 months since problem when indicator light just came on again. Returning car to dealership for them to service again tomorrow. Made arrangement for another courtesy car ant". There are forums on the internet where owners of the same E5 engine discuss experiencing the same issue. To the owners that persist, Volvo has finally acknowledged a problem and has tried many solutions, but a fix is not available yet. My car has been in the shop many times for this issue.

Last time Volvo replaced pistons, rings and plugs. It still detonates, but not as often. The Volvo owners think". It was sold to run on 87 gas but ping terribly unless you use premium. The dealer says it is an emmisions issues and Volvo will issue a recall but that has not happened.

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Ruins an otherwise great car". Alternator, starter, hybrid battery and related systems, regular battery, battery cables, engine harness, coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition, distributor or rotor failure, spark plugs and wires failure.

I've had it back to the dealer at least 5 times to resolve this and other problems. The pairing has never been resolved and is frustrating". It works OK now".

2015 volvo s60 transmission problems

Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage includes rack and pinionpower steering pumps and hoses, leakswheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, electronic or air suspension.

Bluetoothvoice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface e. One: Problems in programing to where you want to go. Very user UNfriendly. Second problem is once you begin the "trip" some directions are incorrect. Last 2 times it left me almost out of gas and on deserted, empty road". Engine rebuild or replacement, cylinder head, head gasket, turbo or supercharger, timing chain or timing belt.Looking to buy a S60 T5 or T6 2WD, but have seen many issues reported regarding transmission problems and engines that burn excessive oil after 50, miles.

I almost bought that was super clean and passed a lengthy inspection, yet it had a transmission problem. Any advice on issues? I've also read that the dealership service departments are terrible. Any thoughts? GuruWX13D answered about a year ago. Bought a CPO S60n a few years back.

Immediately experienced transmission issues. Severe jerking as transmission upshifted or downshifted. All that was required was a computer update provided by Volvo. Have not had an issue since. Alan answered about a year ago. Blown Engine. Going on 3rd engine. Bought used from a Volvo dealer and started experiencing issues immediately. The car has cost a fortune in major repairs and now needs a new engine. You buy a Volvo expecting it to last for many miles, as is their reputation, but this has been a lemon since she bought it.

KentuckyRain answered 4 days ago. Guru6GYCH answered 2 days ago. I bought a used Volvo S60, low mileagefive months later engine failure. I will never buy another Volvo. I almost bought that was super c What could be wrong? I have spent more money fixing it that I have paid for it and Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use.

Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. What kinds of problems do S60 models have? Report Follow. Mark helpful.See the Back button — blue bar at the very top of the page — to explore more. Add your complaint? Get free help with your lemon! TL- the contact owns a Volvo S The contact stated a failure with the door latches did not occur with her vehicle.

The contact did contact the manufacturer about the issue. The vehicle was taken to gunther Volvo cars coconut creek located at fl-7, coconut creek, fl The manufacturer stated parts were not available for the recall repair. The approximate mileage 48, Add Complaint. I got a flat tire. The car is equipped with a Continental emergency tire inflator kit. I hooked it up as the instructions stated.

What kinds of problems do 2012-2014 S60 models have?

It did not fill the tire and exploded covering my car, interior door was open for the compressor to plug into cig lighterand myself including in my face. Vehicle was stopped in driveway. Engine stopped, driver stepped out of car, engine restarted and moved forward, damaging home and barely missed pinning driver against wall.

I was in stop-and-go traffic on a level surface street. After I came to a stop, the stop-start system shut off the engine. When I let up on the brake slightly, the car started to roll forward, but the engine didn't start it normally does this.

When I let up lightly more and quickly used the accelerator, the engine felt like it stalled. Once stalled, the dashboard screen read "press start. After putting it in park from drive, I was able to start it. This all makes sense for a car with a manual transmission, but "stalling" an an automatic, then getting incorrect instructions was unnerving.

If the car had an actual key, I probably would have tried turning it off, failed, then realized the car was still in drive, but the push-button start doesn't make it clear what state the car is in.S60 R design Platinum. Zero issues over the past 2 years plus. Mileage is Acceleration is as much as a sane person would every need.

2015 volvo s60 transmission problems

Effortless and tons of torque is around way down low in the rev band. Smooth engine that growls if you punch it but is otherwise quiet. Throttle uptake is very touchy, unfortunately, taking a light foot to avoid lurching forward. Steering is precise but could use more road feel, though almost no cars have that any more. AWD and lb ft of torque are a great pairing, as you can floor it from a stop and turn into traffic with no fear of fishtailing, and it gives great confidence.

Minimal body roll, changed to almost none with the addition of an aftermarket tuner rear anti-sway bar. I have since removed the aftermarket bar and sold it, finding it unnecessary.

Handling is confidence inspiring.

2015 Volvo Drive E Powertrain with Eight Speed Gear Box - Details Explained

Reviews that talk of small differences between this and BMW are living in a fantasy land where people oversteer their cars around curves on public roads.

The G forces you feel in turns are more than enough to have you slow down before the grip of the tires is lost to understeer. This is a sport sedan, not a sports car. Braking is not as quick as the XC60, with the pedal having more play before it really bites. Once you're used to the difference it's fine. Ride quality is firm but never harsh, noise levels are good on good roads, higher on bad ones. But again, never uncomfortable.

We have the 19" on this R design. But this car will not please those looking for luxury quiet first and foremost. On concrete expressways you get tire hum.

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