1902 stamps

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1902 stamps

The Series ofalso known as the Second Bureau Issue, is a set of definitive postage stamps in fourteen denominations ranging between one cent and five dollars, produced by the U. Two denominations appeared in November and December and the other twelve were released between January and June These stamps were assigned the Scott Catalogue numbers through This series, particularly noted for its exceptional ornateness and opulence of design, [2] remained in circulation until latewhen it was superseded by the Washington-Franklin Issues.

Despite its name, the Second Bureau Issue was, in fact, the first definitive series designed exclusively by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

1902 stamps

For its first issuethe Bureau had not had sufficient time to produce new images, and so, chose to retain the existing stamp designs produced by the American Banknote Company for the series, modifying these only slightly by adding triangles in the upper corners of the stamps.

The resulting Trans-Mississippi Issue [4] remains one of the most admired of all U. Stamp sets, [5] designed in an elaborate and flamboyant visual style surely intended to demonstrate that the Bureau could attain an unimpeachably high level of engraving creativity and craftsmanship.

The Bureau aimed at similar sumptuousness in its next commemorative series, the Pan-American Exposition Issue, [6] and this artistic approach then came to U. The style of these three series reflects a wider phenomenon found in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century American arts: a ubiquitous embrace of the profusely ornamental Beaux-Arts style offered by the "White City" complex erected at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in Post Office officials, in fact, had been so pleased with the Pan-American Issue that they were eager to produce a new definitive issue that would publicize their efforts, [7] and in February instructed the Bureau "to employ special pains to produce a series particularly attractive and distinctive, and fully as creditable as the Pan-American.

The visual imagery of the designs, replete with suggestions of architectural features such as caryatids, friezes, plinths, marble columns etc. One notable feature of the designs is the tendency of pictorial details to protrude into left and right borders of the stamps: the arms, knees or robes of allegorical statues, the tops of flagstaffs, the beaks of eagles, the shields enclosing the numerals--even a sailor's grappling hook and a marine's musket.


All fourteen original designs were the work of Raymond Ostrander Smith, whose designs for the Pan-American series and the Trans-Mississippi Issue had won much acclaim. For the first time in a definitive set, the birth and death dates of the famous Americans depicted appeared flanking their images, [9] a feature that would remain more common in commemorative issues. The legend "Series " was printed near the top or bottom of all the stamps, even though only two of them were released in that year.

This dating practice was carried over from the Pan-American set, the stamps of which had all similarly identified themselves as "Commemorative Series Closer to 19th century tradition in the series of was its pantheon of celebrated Americans. These were meant to facilitate the easy handling of international mail and had been adopted for the final version of the First Bureau Issue in The oft-unusual iconography with which this series evokes the achievements of its famous Americans includes the following: for Franklin's electrical researches, lightbulbs in the stamp's top corners; for Grant's military exploits, eagles and flags; for Lincoln's reunification of North and South, female figures clasping U.

Iconography had been almost entirely excluded from previous U. On only two stamps, both in the large banknote designs introduced inhad portraits of famous Americans—General Winfield Scott and Admiral Oliver Perry—been accompanied by images suggesting their accomplishments. While the BEP clearly aimed at a reputation for uncommon excellence with the Series ofthis hope went unrealized.

Indeed, according to Max Johlfine details that showed particularly well in the black-ink die proof of the stamp on India paper were fatally compromised "when the stamps were printed on the regular stamp paper by fast presses [in] red ink" resulting in "a very mediocre effect.

The New York Times responded with a withering sarcasm so uncharacteristic of its normal tone that some quotation is appropriate:.Inthe United States Postal Service issued a set of 10 new Forever stamps picturing some of Bugs' most iconic costumes.

Add these popular stamps to your collection now! Save time and money with this year-set. You'll receive every major Scott number issued in — including the Priority and Express Mail stamps — in one order.

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It's the easy way to keep your collection up to date. This fun mixture of U. Series of This series is an extreme example of officials deliberately using postage stamps as learning tools. These design details were added to help new immigrants learn American history easily — an important lesson carried throughout the mail system, costing only pennies apiece.

The ornate new designs, however, were not the only addition to the series. The cent denomination was added, and two new faces were introduced — Benjamin Harrison and Admiral David Farragut. For the first time in postal history, an American woman was honored. A slight change was also made in the format. Many of the stamps, however, did not even reach post offices untiland the next general issues were not produced until Prev Next.

This series is an extreme example of officials deliberately using postage stamps as learning tools. Stamps in the Set: Customers Also Bought:.This is your chance to own the complete set of 14 ornately designed stamps in one convenient order.

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So they decided to inaugurate a new general issue to replace the then-current Regular Issues, which had been in use with only minor changes for more than ten years. They hoped these new stamps would create the same excitement for regular issues that the Pan-Americans had received.

The Series ofknown as the Second Bureau Issue, was the first series completely designed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The previous issues used designs from the American Bank Note Company. The first stamp, USwas issued on November 18, The designs of the stamps in this new series were markedly different from previous issues.

1902 stamps

Several borders even pictured people! The ornate new designs, however, were not the only addition to the series. Each stamp also included the name of the person pictured and their dates of birth and death — a first for US postage. A slight change was also made in the format. Many of the stamps, however, did not even reach post offices untiland the next general issues were not produced until At the time, some of the stamps received negative criticism.

Art critics and stamp experts claimed the portrait looked like a caricature, while the overall design was unbecoming. However, today we see this series as an excellent representation of early 20th-century US stamps at their best. And some consider the Series of to be the most beautiful ever issued by the US. The stamps were first issued in Chicago, leaving New York dealers unaware of its existence for a short time.

#300-13 – Complete Set, 1902-03 Series (Second Bureau Series)

This led to one of the most interesting stamp stories of the era. Inthe United States Postal Service issued a set of 10 new Forever stamps picturing some of Bugs' most iconic costumes. Add these popular stamps to your collection now!

Save time and money with this year-set. You'll receive every major Scott number issued in — including the Priority and Express Mail stamps — in one order. It's the easy way to keep your collection up to date. This fun mixture of U. The Imperforate Stamps of Prev Next.

Your credit card is charged when we ship the item. Stamps in the Set:.They were all engraved on watermarked double-lined USPS paperand they were perforated They are all shown in the scans below Sc. Philatelists know this new series of definitive postage stamps as the Second Bureau Issue. These new definitive stamps are very ornate, with each of them having different frames. They have sometimes been referred to as the Gingerbread Issue, due to the complex and imaginative engraving around each of the vignettes.

The stamps are all inscribed "Series ", however, all but two of the denominations in this set were issued during The 1 Cent and 2 Cent denominations also come in booklet panes of six stamps. They are scarce and a bit pricey. She was the second woman, after Queen Isabella of Spain inand the first American woman, to appear on a US stamp. The 1 Cent, 4 Cent, and 5 Cent denominations were issued imperforatebetween and They are shown above Sc.

All known examples of the imperforate 4 Cent denomination Sc. The imperforate 1 Cent denomination stamp is common, the 5 Cent denomination stamp is scarce, and the 4 Cent denomination stamp is exceedingly rare, with only a few examples being known. The Second Bureau Issue was favorably received by the public, however, many people complained about the originally issued 2 Cent George Washington denomination, because of the red shading on his nose and cheek.

As a result, the US Post Office Department re-issued the 2 Cent denomination in latefeaturing a touched-up vignette and a new frame. The new 2 Cent stamps were issued perforated 12 in and imperforate in Both of them are shown in the scan above Sc.

These 2 Cent denomination US stamps, during their production period, approximatelywere printed in a number of different colors. These stamps also come in two types. Type I - the outer leaf to the left of the left hand numeral "2" breaks the outer frame line. Type II - the leaf does not break the frame line. The new 2 Cent stamps were also issued booklets containing panes of six stamps.

1902 stamps

The booklet panes of this issue also come in most of the colors noted above. By this time, the sales of stamps in booklets was becoming more commonplace, thus, they are reasonably affordable for most US stamp collectors. Beginning in earlythe US Post Office Department began experimenting with the production of postage stamps printed in coil rolls for use in vending machines.

The 1 Cent and 5 Cent denominations were printed in vertical coils, perforated 12 horizontally. The 1 Cent and 2 Cent denominations were also printed in horizontal coils, perforated 12 vertically.

Examples of authenticated coils from major public auctions are shown in the scan above Sc. Jumbo margin sheet stamps, imperforate stamps, and even stamps from the booklet panes have been altered and passed-off as the coils. The government-issued coil stamps are all exceedingly RARE. They rarely appear on the market, and then only occasionally are offered by the major auction houses. Beginning incommercial vending machine manufacturers began buying imperforate panes of stamps from the US Post Office Department.

These are actually COIL stamps in all respects.

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They just weren't government manufactured. An example of one of these private vending coils is illustrated by the scan of the imperforate 4 Cent denomination stamp shown above. These privately produced coil stamps, whether in singles or in pairs, are actually very affordable. The following link s feature category-focused affiliated seller listings on various eBay sites worldwide. They may enable visitors to shop for and to buy specific items for the particular collecting subject they've just read about.

The affiliated eBay seller auction lots provided by eBay, Inc. On high priced material, make sure the lots you are buying are properly authenticated.Ostrander Smith. Smillie, G. Flush with the success of the Pan-American stamps ofand considering that the then current designs of the regular issues were more than ten years old, the Post Office Department decided to issue a set of new designs for the ordinary postage stamps in Although this series is commonly known as the "Series of ", and in fact all of the stamps in this series are inscribed "Series ", only two of the stamps were issued inwith the balance being issued a year later in The series included a denomination that had never appeared on a U.

Like the Pan-American stamps, the Series of gave the artists and engravers free reign, resulting in some of the most intricate, if not ornate, designs ever placed on U. There were many complaints concerning the designs of the various frames, and in fact one stamp, the two cents, was redesigned completely — see the Nov. The thirteen cent stamp was the first stamp issued in this series and served a two-fold purpose.

It honored Benjamin Harrison, who had not been recognized on any previous issue, and it paid the foreign rate for a registered letter. Both this and the eight cent stamp present a nice variety of shades for the collector.

After much bickering over who the appropriate woman to honor would be, Martha Washington received the least resistance and her likeness was placed on this stamp. The artwork and choice of color, "dark lilac", resulted in what many have deemed to be the most beautiful stamp in the series.

Ironically, this was done purposefully to distinguish it from the thirteen cent stamp. The original lilac stamps bring a small premium. Issue Date: Dec. Written on the stamp were the words "Secures immediate delivery at any United States Post Office" the same wording that appeared on the earlier special delivery stamps.

The new stamp was inscribed "Series " as were the regular issues of and This inscription remained on all special delivery stamps for nearly twenty years, until the Messenger on Motorcycle design of replaced it, long after the ordinary stamps of the Series of had been replaced by the Washington Franklin stamps. No new varieties of U. No new varieties of the U. Postage Due stamps were issued in Initials on Washington Franklins.Whether you watch, wager on, or work in sports, TeamRankings provides the numbers you need to get smart about the game.

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1902 stamps

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Postage Stamps of the United States First Issued in 1902

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